Wedding Receptions

Receptions! You’ve spent hours getting ready. You’ve professed your love for each other in front of your closest family and friends. You’ve posed for what feels like THOUSANDS of photos …(which isn’t THAT far off haha) And NOW it’s time to get the party started! Receptions are are so much fun, From the first dance, to the last hoorah! this is the time where you can let loose and have your own private night club for a few hours. All while surrounded by the people you care most about! It’s with that in mind I’m sharing some varying receptions so you can see the different flavors that come to the table for reception photos.

Depending on the crowd, the room, and available light, I’ll use several techniques to get different kinds of looks. I love back lighting, You’ll see me, and many other shooters doing that A LOT. Not only does it give a great rim light on tighter shots, but I LOVE the lens flare on the wider shots. I think it gives kind of a spotlight on a theater stage / Night club kind of vibe. Sometimes it can also give a more ethereal, cosmic, or dreamy look.

Dragging the shutter to get some motion blur, Dancing photos are great on their own but sometimes you want to introduce some motion into the frame to give the sense of movement. Plus it also helps break up the look of the reception photos when you are scrolling through them.

Receptions are a great time to catch up on some group shots you might have missed earlier, maybe with people that for whatever reason didn’t make the cut in the formal photos, this is a great time to gather up those distant relatives and get a couple group shots. Depending on the crowd and vibe of the room, If I’m present for the end of the reception, I like to get a big group shot of whoever was last on the dance floor, before everyone scatters, I’ll just gather everyone up for one last final shot, this is a point of the night where people might have had a few cocktails and might be into screaming wildly for a final last photo……;-) I have had a great deal of success with these and the couples who end up getting it, love it!

So take a look around at the gallery below, It’s chock full of really fun reception photos that is bound to get you excited for your own reception! Thanks for reading!